Gary Comer in Alaska in 2002

Gary Comer in Alaska in 2002 © Philip Walsh

The late Gary Comer, founder of the Lands’ End clothing company, possessed not only remarkable business savvy, but also a unique vision that inspired all who knew him. Mr. Comer’s singular curiosity and passion for helping others to build better lives led to the pursuit of numerous charitable endeavors.

The Comer Foundation was created in 1986 with two major grant-making programs focusing on the city of Chicago and on syringe exchange programs nationwide. The Comer Science & Education Foundation was incorporated in 1998 to provide funding for organizations in the fields of education, environment and health. In 2013, the two foundations came together to create the Comer Family Foundation which is dedicated to combining these efforts.

Since Mr. Comer’s death, his family continues his legacy and remarkable generosity. Each initiative receives not only financial support, but also the active involvement of the Comer family to make every goal a reality.

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