Abrupt Climate Change Stories by Medill Comer Scholars

Medill Comer Scholars cover the work of Comer Fellows at the conference and in the field. They report on cutting edge research about the retreat of the glaciers in Mongolia and Greenland, how fixing climate can rev up the economy and the reconstructions of ancient climates to reveal missing clues on where climate change is heading now. See the latest stories on these and other topics on Climate Change: Impact, Mysteries, Solutions.

Climate Scientists Gather to Tackle Urgent Challenges for the Planet by Janice Cantieri

Comer Conference Scientists Bunker Down on Research to Meet Climate Change Threats by Kelly Calagna

Tackling Global Warming by Exploring the Ebb and Flow of the Ice Ages by Lakshmi Chandrasekaran/Video by Kelly Calagna

A Climate Change for ‘GLACIOGENIC’ Art by Lakshmi Chandrasekaran

Cosmic Rays from the Galaxy Help Track Retreat of Glaciers on Earth by Lakshmi Chandrasekaran

Artificial trees might be needed to offset carbon dioxide emissions by Janice Cantieri

Dual Force of Climate Change on Sea Level Rise by Kelly Calagna

Our Thirst for Energy – Driving Innovation and Mitigating Water Risks by Lakshmi Chandrasekaran

How Hot Will It Get? 18,000-Year-Old Mystery Could Answer Today’s Biggest Climate Question by Kevin Stark

Fixing climate is good for the economy, says veteran climate scientist by Jia You

High temperatures add new complexity to drought in the West by Bryce Gray

Capturing carbon dioxide: How scientists are grabbing greenhouse gas emissions by Neil Murthy

Answers in the Andes: Scientists look to ancient lakes to predict where climate change is heading by Neil Murthy

California’s past lake levels give clues to current droughts by Danielle Prieur

Greenland caves reveal climate drivers beyond temperature by Danielle Prieur

Greenland caves could hold clues for climate change by Bryce Gray