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Our Commitment

Syringe Exchange

Cheryl Hull, Deputy Director, Chicago Recovery Alliance

Cheryl Hull, Deputy Director, Chicago Recovery Alliance.

In 1984, scientists identified the primary ways through which HIV/AIDS could spread and discovered that injection drug users were the second most affected group behind gay and bisexual men. Since 1992, we have supported harm reduction-centered syringe exchange as a means of controlling transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C as well as opiate overdose prevention.


Medical Home Network: Building Partnerships for Better Health

Chicago Family Health Center, a Medical Home

Chicago Family Health Center, a Medical Home.

In the summer of 2008, the Comer Family Foundation engaged Health Management Associates (HMA) to develop a plan for optimizing existing health care resources for pregnant women and children on the South Side of Chicago. While public insurance programs ensure coverage for many individuals, a variety of factors impact access and medical care in many neighborhoods. Read the full report.

In response to these challenges, we established Medical Home Network (MHN). In the medical home model, a primary care practice coordinates all health care services for children and families in a specific community. MHN is a health care provider collaborative working to improve the health of Medicaid recipients. By enhancing care coordination and quality, improving access, reducing cost, and reinforcing the medical home model, MHN strengthens the health care delivery system, and in turn, improves patient health.

MHN’s partners include the Illinois Department of Health Care and Family Services, twenty hospital systems, six federally qualified health centers, and several hospital affiliated clinics. Altogether, this network comprises 180 primary care sites.

How Does MHN Accomplish This?

    • Innovative Connectivity – MHN’s web-based portal, MHNConnect, virtually links medical homes and hospitals across the network. As a MHN patient is treated, MHNConnect offers the care team a comprehensive history of the patient’s health, captures health care activity as it is happening, and delivers real-time hospitalization status alerts to medical homes.
    • Analytics – Using both historical data and real-time information collected from MHNConnect, MHN creates actionable reports that paint a fuller picture of population health and identify opportunities for intervention.
    • A Model of Care – MHN’s model of care focuses on supporting the medical home by using newly trained care teams that build relationships with patients and use innovative technology to coordinate patients’ care beyond the walls of the physician’s office.
    • Value-Based Payment Models – Through outcome-based incentives, MHN tests and evaluates alternatives to the traditional fee-for-service health care payment system.
    • Engagement of Patients – Ultimately, MHN is effecting change by forging relationships among patients, their medical homes and the care teams that serve them, empowering patients to engage in their care. This personalized approach is designed to ensure that patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

Past Initiatives & Sponsorships

Comer Children’s Hospital: Health Care on Chicago’s South Side

Comer Children's Hospital

Comer Children’s Hospital opened in 2005.

Our work in the Grand Crossing neighborhood highlighted the importance of health care. We first sought to fill this need by coordinating with University of Chicago Medicine to establish a mobile health care van. Our partnership continued with the creation of a new children’s hospital for the South Side. Comer Children’s Hospital opened in January 2005. The state-of-the-art hospital provides advanced care for children in a family-centered environment. In 2006, the Comer Pediatric Emergency Department opened as a Level 1 Trauma Center providing immediate, highly specialized pediatric emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Comer Center for Children and Specialty Care opened in March 2010 with a focus on delivering comprehensive outpatient services.

Slideshow Images | one: Dr. Ann McLaughlin with patient Ariana Lizet Hernandez at Lawndale Christian Health Center two: Dr. Dr. Ann McLaughlin with patient John Johnson at Lawndale Christian Health Center three: Dr. Muhammad Kaiseruddin and Shante Harris at Friend Family Health Center | photographs © Jasmin Shah | Comer Family Foundation