First technology of its kind in Illinois, MHNConnect's innovative connectivity creates care management without boundaries, improving health care delivery

In Chicago, Medical Home Network is changing the way health care is being delivered to Medicaid patients through innovative technology combined with a highly efficient, patient-centered, team-based model of care.

This model is being implemented in concert with MHNConnect, a secure web-based care coordination tool that allows real-time data sharing between various entities, like hospitals and primary care practices, effectively connecting care coordinators across the city and bridging gaps in care. As the first technology of its kind to be implemented across disparate entities in Illinois, MHNConnect now enables providers and care teams access to real-time and historical data, plus immediate patient activity alerts, prompting them to log into the system. This marks a major improvement in health care, resulting in better, more informed decision-making at the point of care, plus faster, more coordinated care transitions for patients across the continuum.

  • Published OnOct 14, 2015
  • PublicationPRNewswire
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