Dr. Jill C. Glick at Comer Children's in 2015.

"We have the expertise to aid in determining if a head injury in an infant was due to an accident or abusive head trauma. There is no room for speculation in potential child abuse cases."

—Jill C. Glick, MD

One of only 14 child abuse pediatricians in Illinois, Dr. Jill Glick, medical director of Child Advocacy and Protective Services at the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s Hospital, evaluates not only children who come to Comer’s ED for suspected child abuse, but also children who are treated at other hospitals throughout Chicago. Glick created and directs the Multidisciplinary Pediatric Education and Evaluation Consortium (MPEEC), which provides expert medical review of cases of suspected child abuse for children age three and younger living in Chicago — the only city in the country to mandate medical expertise in child abuse evaluations. 

Read story in UChicago Medicine's Comer Children's Annual Report.

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