The 2020 Census officially begins on April 1. Get Counted!

"What’s important here in Illinois is important everywhere: that each and every resident is counted in the 2020 Census. The Census counts everyone living in the country: renters, non-citizens, babies, students, neighbors… everyone. Not only is it completely safe to participate, it is also critical."

—Anita Banerji, Director of Forefront’s Democracy Initiative

Every ten years, the United States conducts a count of all of the people in the country. The resulting data determines funding for vital programs as well as congressional representation. Illinois has a great deal at stake including $20 billion in federal funding and two congressional seats. Comer Family Foundation is pleased to be part of Forefront's IL Count Me In 2020 Funders' Collaborative of 22 Illinois foundations that have joined together to support coordinated census outreach in hard-to-count communities across the state.

Video produced by Forefront, with support from the Joyce Foundation. Forefront is Illinois’ statewide association representing both grantmakers and nonprofits, as well as their advisors and allies. Their mission is to build a vibrant social impact sector for all the people of Illinois. #ILCountMeIn2020

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