Science saves lives

Learn about the crucial roles fulfilled by the diverse scientists at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, in this fantastic New York Times profile by Richard Schiffman with stunning photography by Adrienne Grunwald. Lamont is home to many Comer Fellows, including our founding mentor, the late Wally Broecker. Throughout the mid-twentieth century, the storied lab has produced copious samples, research, and profound insights into Earth's systems and the climate record. Many current Lamont scientists are focused on helping communities actively prepare for climate change.

“The laws of nature don’t care whether we believe in them or not. The tragedy and inconvenience we’ve seen from this pandemic pale in comparison to what’s in store from climate change. There is a much bigger crisis knocking on our door and we have to remember the big lesson from this pandemic: Science saves lives.”

—Peter de Menocal, director of the Center for Climate and Life at Lamont Dohery Earth Observatory

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