Final Narrative & Financial Report Guidelines

Our final report serves as an opportunity for you to detail your program activities and outcomes during your grant period. Please be candid and detailed in your responses, even if you were aiming for better results; we understand that any struggles you may have experienced are part of the challenges of your organization’s work, and learning about them will be very informative to our efforts at a national level.

The final report is due one month after the grant period concludes.

Final Report

  • Describe how your program met (or was unable to meet) each of its goals defined by your organization in the grant application. Please include any fundamental changes to the Comer Foundation funded project since your last report (such as service cuts or expansion, major staffing changes, etc.) 500 word limit
  • How has the budget of your syringe access program changed compared to when you submitted your application for the prior year’s funding cycle? Please provide a line item accounting of your income and expenditures for the fiscal year in which the grant was received. 500 word limit
  • Provide any additional information you would like to share with the Comer Family Foundation. Please include any compelling stories that illustrate the significance of your work. Include any specific achievements or setbacks encountered, and any lessons learned. 500 word limit

Submit Your Report

Please log onto our grants management website to submit your program narrative and financial report. You will need to use the same username as your application.

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