When photographer Jasmin Shah found herself in Oxford, we saw a rare opportunity to stop by and visit Changelings members on the campus of Oxford University. The Changelings' mission is to pool their collective vision and their interdisciplinary resources to help answer the most challenging questions about abrupt climate change; to catalyze new research and field work in basic science by leveraging paleoclimate insights to inform and guide current climate science, and to empower and mentor the next generation of climate scientists.

Gideon Henderson

Gideon Henderson, Professor of Earth Sciences at Oxford University, is a geochemist researching climate change and the carbon cycle through the study of oceanography and the palaeoenvironment. He is also working as the Chief Scientific Advisor for the U.K. Government's Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra). Gideon is a member of The Changelings,

Gideon Henderson in front of Rhodes House at Oxford University, February 2024.

Ros Rickaby on the roof deck of the Earth Science building at Oxford University, February 2024.

Ros Rickaby

Ros Rickaby is the Chair of Geology, at Oxford University who is fascinated by the jigsaw of complex interactions between the evolution of organisms, ocean chemistry, atmospheric composition and Earth’s climate. Ros is also a member of The Changelings.