Comer Education Campus is helping prepare young people for college, careers and futures as well-rounded, global citizens. Their holistic approach fosters interest in science, care for environment and community, and conditions for all young people to thrive and be successful in life. The urban ag program began with a rooftop garden and has since grown to include a 1.75-acre farm that engages youth from middle school through young adulthood. Since 2006, 1,000 youth have produced over 100,000 pounds of produce and distributed these fresh vegetables within the community and throughout the city. 

Scientists have spent decades studying the impact of climate change. Young people are going to live in those forecasts. Your paths are crossing. Both of you have questions for each other. Our youth may ask ‘What is likely to happen?  What can we do now?  Will it be enough?  Do you have any advice for us?'

Comer scientists have already found innovative ways to connect with our youth through visits to the campus, virtual sessions, participating in Career Day, and offering opportunities for youth to explore beyond the city of Chicago. Comer youth have traveled to Yellowstone National Park and have joined field expeditions to Mongolia and China.

The way forward is to continue to connect scientists and young people. We welcome your ideas and we invite you to get involved. 

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